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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Why do athiests defend the horrors caused by evolutionism?

you never hear them criticizing the holocaust and other crimes that have been comitted in the name of evolutionism?
the Bible says that they are the blind leading the blind and they will fall in the ditch
Why do monotheists confuse Charles Darwin (scientist) with Herbert Spencer (philosopher)?

If you think evolution teaches superiority of some humans over others, then you clearly don

So how would an Indian (India) person fare in a mostly Black and Hispanic neighborhood?

My friends and I were debating, basically my friends are White and I am Indian. I went to high school in the deep south and the school I went to was 80 percent Black, made some great friends there and got along well with everyone, at times people may have given me a tough time but it was all in good times, basically joking. Now I am aware that the Blacks down south are a lot more different than the Blacks up North. Well I want to know this, in an area that is mostly Black or Hispanic, would an Indian person face tons of racism?
Well, I live in the south. But the blacks I know are accepting to other people.

So Atheists: Many surveys prove the majority of African Americans find most comfort in Christianity. Thoughts?

Well, hello Ann!

Thanks for clarifying this a little. I don

What do you do if you hit someone

but it doesn

Those who speak English, can you help?

What adjective can I use to say that the concrete layer is no longer homogeneous, I mean, parts of the concrete layer is starting to deteriorate and some pieces have fallen. Can I say

Why do people capitalize the word god?

I can somewhat understand God, but why do people spell it GOD? To me it seems like you

Are you against the Illuminati?

I am just wondering if you are too!
Yep, I just came from the illuminati west coast headquarters, San diego.

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