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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Why do athiests defend the horrors caused by evolutionism?

you never hear them criticizing the holocaust and other crimes that have been comitted in the name of evolutionism?
the Bible says that they are the blind leading the blind and they will fall in the ditch
Why do monotheists confuse Charles Darwin (scientist) with Herbert Spencer (philosopher)?

If you think evolution teaches superiority of some humans over others, then you clearly don

So how would an Indian (India) person fare in a mostly Black and Hispanic neighborhood?

My friends and I were debating, basically my friends are White and I am Indian. I went to high school in the deep south and the school I went to was 80 percent Black, made some great friends there and got along well with everyone, at times people may have given me a tough time but it was all in good times, basically joking. Now I am aware that the Blacks down south are a lot more different than the Blacks up North. Well I want to know this, in an area that is mostly Black or Hispanic, would an Indian person face tons of racism?
Well, I live in the south. But the blacks I know are accepting to other people.

So Atheists: Many surveys prove the majority of African Americans find most comfort in Christianity. Thoughts?

Well, hello Ann!

Thanks for clarifying this a little. I don

What do you do if you hit someone

but it doesn

Those who speak English, can you help?

What adjective can I use to say that the concrete layer is no longer homogeneous, I mean, parts of the concrete layer is starting to deteriorate and some pieces have fallen. Can I say

Why do people capitalize the word god?

I can somewhat understand God, but why do people spell it GOD? To me it seems like you

Are you against the Illuminati?

I am just wondering if you are too!
Yep, I just came from the illuminati west coast headquarters, San diego.

What does the Jewish faith see Jesus as?

Is he even considered a prophet or a crazy man in there eyes?
they were looking for a raining messiah and didnot understand he had to die and suffer to take away the sins of the whole world, but there was 3,000 jews saved at the day of penacost acts 2:41 the grace message is taken to the gentile today but it will return to the jews and then they will understand and receive Jesus because thy will see him as he is the savior of the world and a rainig messiah. read hebrews 1:1,2
Jesus is absolutely irrelevant to Judaism - the Christian concept is MUCH different than what G-d said the Jewish Messiah WILL be.

Ok so i have to do a public speaking thing at my job today...?

Ok so today in about 2 hours, i have to do a public speaking about a descriptive moment to all my co-workers :( i

Ramadan; True Story: Just Yesterday?

It was just yesterday

That life my brother was tryna turn away

Gave up the kush sour and haze..

Streets were amazed!

Always In da mosque Giving sadaka he had no limits to his cost

Fasibililah he said Quran he recited, Quran he read..

Havent seen him that happy ever words he spoke more clever

Was rockin his qamis through any weather..

givin dawah tryna help people change for the better!

Making plans for marriage n hijra.. Told me he gone name his first daughter hijra

Jannah was his motivation Pleasing all was his quotation..

Id say Mashallah akhi you came a long way.. alhamdulilah hed say

But somewhere along the way something happen,

Reciting Quran turned to rapping The bright glow coming off him started to fade away

His iman was getting lower day by day..

Stopped seeing him around it was like we didnt even live in the same town

Called his phone like every day Told me inshallah Ill come hang with you one of these days

Months passed he didnt holla walking to the mosque I seen him with his father

His pops took me to the side told me he was giving him nothing but pain

Back to staying out late driving his moms insane.

I went to speak to him told him hes on the fast lane

Youd rather be a prisoner in this dunya dont break the chain

I love you allah loves you, and you gone always be my mane..

May allah guide you and I.. ameen.. I met you through this deen we gon always be a team

Later on that night he came home late again..

Him and his mom got into it.. he lashed out

Walking out the house he bumped his head and passed out

Gave him call the next day but I didnt get a answer

Got a call from his parents, doctor told them my hommie was living with brain cancer

Couldnt believe them

Til I seen him


Later on that day he passed away..

I couldve sworn we were ankle to ankle, shoulder to shoulder.. praying!

Just yesterday!

Everyone shall taste Death. And only on the Day of Resurrection shall you be paid your wages in full. And whoever is removed away from the Fire and admitted to Paradise, he indeed is successful. The life of this world is only the enjoyment of deception (a deceiving thing). Aal-e-Imran [3:185]
massahllah things like these make my eyes full of tars. may Allah grant us his mecy on the day of ahkhirat. ameen.

Why are christians so uptight?

And what do you have against people minding their own business and getting high (just weed?)
Uptight could mean tense, nervous, or jittery; annoyed or angry; or stiffly conventional in manner or attitudes.

Most Christians are not tense, nervous, or jittery. Since we know our purpose, we act confidently to do what is right.

Sometimes Christians can get angry, especially in the face of gross injustice. Jesus demonstrated the legitimacy of anger when he drove the moneychangers from the temple.

Christians are not stiffly conventional, but we do hold quite firmly to the moral standards Jesus taught. For example, we don

Are Tarot cards real?

I recently went to a psychic after a bad series of events happened in my life. She was highly recommended on Google with great reviews and this was my first time. She pulled out Tarot cards and began the session. She asked me what had been going on in my life and then asked me what I wanted to know. Anyway, I told her the mishaps in my relationship and then asked her if things would get better. She layed the cards out and went on to tell me that he was cheating on me with his best friend and that she would become pregnant by him. I was shocked and ever sense have been obsessing about it. Even to the point that I am waking up crying and heart broken from horrible dreams. My relationship isnt getting better because of this and I feel I made a big mistake. I dont know what to believe??? Can someone set me straight on if I should believe all this??
First off, the ability to read Tarot cards are real. Second, that woman was unethical to tell you those horrible things... There are rules I follow when I read cards.

1) The Death card does not mean someone is going to die, just a major change, a rebirth.

2) Do not say things that will destroy someones life with doubt.

3) Explain the future in not set in stone, it can change due to the choices the questioner makes.

She was probably abusing her gift to get money from you. A lot of paid physics do that.

Edit: IMO, if the person is getting paid, they tell you things that will upset you. They believe if they do, you are likely to come back and pay again, and again, and again.

Go to another reader, one that is free, totally. Not the ones that are

What kind of broadband internet connection do you suggest?

Wireless USB or Cable modem
wireless usb

above;filthy clone
Rogers Lowers Caps Even Further

In order to cash in on Netflix

How and when can we abolish the British monarch? and do you think we should?

I am against having a monarch, simply because we live in the 21st century and there is no need for a monarch, we are all equal yet the queen has been given that status simply because of her bloodline.

But how do we abolish the monarch? I presume through a referendum (days of civil wars and revolutions are over...xD).

Also do you think we will ever be given the chance to abolish our monarch?
Constitutional Monarchy is the single most tried and tested, politically stable system of democracy that exists. Britain

A difficult question for athiests...?

We all know that something infinite has to exist, otherwise it would mean at one point in time there was NOTHING and then SOMETHING just existed. (and ofcourse thats illogical)

We can

Atheists: if evolution is true then why do we still call black facial moles

does that big, thick hair that I have to keep plucking serve?
You have to keep in shape if you want to be a good pluck, Olga. You know that. Keep on plucking.
LOL. I thought they were called moles.
I think the better question is: If God intelligently designed us, why do we have moles and men with nipples and appendices?
LOL that actually argues AGAINST

How do you tell someone they have bad breath?

with determination and courage
Tell them they have bad f

Asking it again ! Sacrifices/Changes you made for Ramadan?

What sacrifices/changes have you made for Ramadan. Did you drop out of your sports team? Did you stop hanging out with a certain group? Did you better your behaviour?
enough cloning for today,okay?

edit: don

Why are people so mean to immigrants?


What is the relationship between someones choice to be an atheist and their expectations of god?

I feel like atheists tend do have completely different concepts of what god could be than believers. For example, a lot of people who are atheists had rough lives, and couldn

AHAHAHA!! Police Arrest Man at Airport Hiding 18 Monkeys in His Clothes?

(CNN) -- Mexican authorities searching a man with a bulge under his shirt at the airport in the nation

Like, OMG, can I, like, get a Diet Coke, please?

Like, NO!
Sure, do you want some sugar with that?
sorry, all I have is a bottled water and diet pepsi.
is diet pepsi alright?
No, be a man and drink regular.
No, and stop asking stupid questions.

How do athiests prove

They cannot :)

Who is the most important figure in your life?

Jesus,Family, and my love.


What were the four main arguments for?

The pro slavery arguments
You mean back before and during the Civil War? If so, the South typically held that blacks were subhuman and that slavery was a state issue, not federal.

Not sure what to do(re post bi curious teen)?

re post from last night not alot of responses. well im 16 and bi curious. just a bit confused on what to do now. idk if should wait and let the feelings quit or go ahead and experiment with someone. my friends i know won

Do Southern Europeans like Black Girls?


Way to describe mixed-race white girl?

OK basically I

How can I get married in college?

So, next year, I will be in college, and I am interested in getting married. But I do not know what to do. I doubt any non Muslim girl is going to marry me within two or more years of dating, and as we all know, dating is haram. So, my only choice is to find some one from back home, but we don

New testament apocrypha question?

I loved reading the new testament and now am searching deeper beyond the canonical bible. Does anyone know of a good new testament apocrypha book that contains books or letters that almost made it into the new testament cannon that are also somewhat trust worthy and reliable. I know some gospels like the gospel of Judas are just bogus so I was hoping to avoid reading heretical writings. Any help or suggestions or information is much appreciated. Thanks.
Try this collection:


Why is male circumcision legal but female circumcision illegal even if done for religious purposes?

If they did it right and cut off the head of a mans dick it would be made illegal too I bet you.
Supposed to be something about

Chinese how old are you ?

Is it Ni duo da le ? Or Ni jin nian ji sui ? Or could it be both ? What

Found out my boyfriend had a relationship with a transexual a few years ago, should I feel worried?

My boyfriend recently admitted that a few years ago he had a relationship with Thai ladyboy for several months. He also admitted that eventhough the relationship has ended he still called her in Thailand from time to time. He has re-assured me that this was a one of and that I am the woman in his life now, but I still feel worried. I know we live in a society where men more than women are forced to suppress any homosexual feelings they might have, and I guess Im just worried that one day, many years from now he might change his mind, tell me that he has been

What do Atheists scream out while having sex?

LOL What do snipers scream out while having sex? I think I

Simple Christmas Question?

I know, it

When committing crimes like murder, aren

American gay porn star Jason Andrews has been arrested last Tuesday for the murder of a shop owner. According to police sources, Andrews bludgeoned and hammered the 41 year old man to death before robbing him.

He had an accomplice, Amanda Logue who is a porn actress too. Both are being held in Florida prisons waiting for their indictment.
I don

Do you hate the limits on here?

Stars, Answers and Asking
Yes and welcome newest contact lol

Edit : Does anyone realize that this is the LGBT section right lol

why did you ask it here and get use to those lol
good thing there isnt a time limit

LGBT eh? lol, classy choice

And yeah it sucks...but i

7th day adventism- the mark of the beast? E and E vs. OT/NT?

Do SDAs still teach that Sunday is the mark of the beast and that a Protestant /Catholic theocracy will presecute Adventists and Jews over the Sabbath? Also, they taught that the

Hi, I


Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Was jesus a jewish man?

i really really hop that he is christian man
He sure was. He was born a Jew, of the tribe of David.

He said to the Samaritan woman:

Germans. How would you say:?

I have such a fear of heights, that I can


Salam Alaikum brothers

What is ONE question YOU

tu choro zaat shereen astee?

lol ;)


why are you so sweet?
How FAT are u
lol im gonna ask this Q inna minute

Hab Ali - rudeeee


What does it take to get an abortion? Do you walk and and say



Just look what she caused, just (If White) try getting on a bus now after 7 P.M. in Oakland, St. Louis, Detroit, New Orleans, Baltimore, D.C. ETC. Many more Whites were murdered by blacks in just last year alone than in the

How do you say

Like, if I wanted to say

Ok, can we like change the theme?


Be crazy or stay safe : )?

i used to have a big crash on my art teacher

and i think she kinda liked me 2 ( she is openly gay )

but no one show anything- age difference etc

i havent seen her for a year now since i finished school..

i miss her sometimes and i was thinking of calling her

is that 2 weird and should i forget about it?

what will she think?
I would play it safe and just not communicate with her. Teachers are not supposed to have any romantic relationships with students, even if you have recently graduated. It could make her look bad, and some people might think you two were together while you were still in school. She could get fired for even the rumor of it going around. It

Another Spanish question about irregular commands?

are the irregular

Should I convert to radical Christianity and live on an encampment?

We will stock bazookas and other arms in case the government comes to get us. Every man will have ten wives, most of them under 18. Disobedience will be punishable by death after long torture. I believe this is the only way I can truly serve God. What say you?
Stay cool. Stay in school.
whatever turns you on

What if I were to tell you that we are all being hypnotized by an evil alien race?

And they stream down to us all the thoughts in our heads that we think are ours, but they are actually being

Bottoms: Have you ever barebacked?


What is the meaning and spelling of the Italian slang phrase (sounds like) Maronna Mia?

Sometimes replaced with sumnabeecha
Maronna is a mispelling for Madonna (virgin Mary).

It is quite common to say

In the beginning man said, let there be GOD?

To explain what we dont understand and make us feel better. And let there be a devil to blame it on.

Then POOF, there it was
Yes, no one knows why we are here, why bad things happen or what happens when we die so they came up with this to make them feel better about it. However we will never actually know if its true or not. I think we should just get on with it :)
And the question is????????
^__^ i love you. That

My gay friend keeps on making moves on me and is saying I


Spiritually Speaking, Was Jesus a MILF?

A Man I

When the Pope gives his yearly speech about the church?

Is it called

Evilutionists, what use is half an eye?

Shall i give you some pointers?

The eye, like everything else, has EVOLVED.

Our eyes are not even as advanced as some - look at the humble Copepod - this little creature

Think of the audacity?

one would have to have to say the almighty God is explained in a book? Why do you think you can confine him/her to the Torah, Qua ran, New Testament. Ha! The new testament is a bunch of letters some man sent to some churches. My church got a letter from another preacher. Should we call it inspired and put that in a holy book? God is too big for this stuff. I bet He/She hates we are limiting His/Her power and assuming so much
We are in agreement. I still think that parts of the Bible are very beautifully written, such as the Psalms, Proverbs,Ecclesiastes and Song of Solomon.
They don

In French, how many different types of

So in English,

What does this mean in Russian?

Transceptor Technologies a

If you remember the old group


If we all believe the same thing, why bother to visit Religion and Spirituality? Why would one group wish to censor or be rid of another?
It keeps me coming back
I don

Why do people who don

Why don

White people: Did you know there is a White History Month?


Who are these people that Jesus is talking about here?

Not everyone who says to me, Lord, Lord, will enter the kingdom of heaven, but the one who does the will of my Father who is in heaven. On that day many will say to me, Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in your name, and cast out demons in your name, and do many mighty works in your name? And then will I declare to them, I never knew you; depart from me, you workers of lawlessness.

Who are these workers of lawlessness/iniquity?
False religious people and organizations that called themselves

Why Do black people lie and say Ethiopia was not colonized? Why are they lying? Why do they do this?

1939: Italian East Africa

Italian East Africa. Italy

Jews: Can we all put aside the non-sense for a day, and have a pure day in the memory of the ARY?


Are there

Absolutely. The false Christians are the ones to whom Jesus will say He never knew, because they were never fully for Him. You cannot serve two masters.

There are people that are unfortunately adding works to believing for salvation, and they are sent to hell. They rejected the will of God, which is believing alone in Jesus alone without works, John 6:40.
No. Just like there

According to Dunkin

They keep telling me that they

Question About Baptist Church?


Can someone explain to me how charity walks/runs work?

What is that actual point of the walk/run itself? Can

Atheists why dont you believe in God?

okay heres all the proof that there is a God.

1: pretend you saw a robot in the middle of nowhere. would you believe that the robot came by itself? of course not, because robots are a very complex technological machines that has to have a scientist build. why is it that when archaelogists find a lost city or ancient artifacts they believe someone made it? infact they search for all kinds of writing to find out who made it. thats because they know such artifacts and monuments cant come by themselves, yet we HAVENT EVEN SEEN WHO MADE IT! but did you know that the human brain is smarter than a supercomputer or robot. for example, if you touch a thorn your brain quickly responds by sending a message to the musle groups in your hand to quickly pull your hand away. thats just the human brain which controls your nevous system. infact, scientists say the human brain is one of the biggest wonders of the world because of its complexity. imagine how complex the human body is to have an endocrine system, a nervous system, a muscular system, a skeletal system but each system works together in perfect balance to control our body. in fact, the hypothalamus links the endocrine system with the nervous system to work together in times of stress. but thats only the humans

Will be skin bleaching for blacks make the world a

I like the idea of making the world literally a

Do you think that an average looking Black man would get more girls than a good looking Indian (India) man?

By good looking Indian man I would say what if he looked like John Abraham or the guy from Kites.

Now of course stereotypes about Black men are all positive, we are big in the size department, we are strong and we know how to please a girl. As for Indian men? They are hairy, they smell and they have strict parents that don

Germans. Referring to an animal, which form of

Both are correct. But the use of simple past of the word fressen is so uncommon, that i had to look it up myself :) Better use

When kissing is there a noise?

like when you just kiss someone like a peck there is a noise..but when you make out is there a noise ?

and give any tips for making out too (:
Yes, and its super hot!

Tip: Go with the flow. Dont over think it, just do what feels right. Make sure you use your hands. :)
If it doesn

What celebrity would you say I am look alike?
You do sorta have a jessica simpson look, but you actually look a little prettier than her because you look natural in the picture without make up
one of the girls on the hills or the city
You look like all the blonde haired, blue eyed skanks in Hollywack.
between jessica simpson,

Which era do you wish you lived through as a teenager.....?


Why are you so gay (20 characters)?

I mean like for real
Question could be taken several ways:

1) I am so gay because I am same sex attracted/desire love from same sex.

2) I am so gay because I am so feminine. (I unfortunately am extremely masculine/butch)

3) I am so gay because gay is lame. (Only a straight guy would think this..I am actually very proud of my orientation and think it is one of the Coolest things about myself)

That is about all of the ways I can figure you might have meant if the above is unsatisfactory to your desire, then more information would be appropriate. IN ADDITION, you should remember that you came HERE, to our space, to post if it is indeed meant to be offensive...that says definitive things about your lack of character. I, sir, may be Gay, but at least I am not a troll.
Because you put too much effort into typing your name.
Cuz I saw you naked.
why are you so ghetto
I let Teh Gays recruit me, and I chose to be this way.
A better question is, why are you hatin

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