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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Atheists why dont you believe in God?

okay heres all the proof that there is a God.

1: pretend you saw a robot in the middle of nowhere. would you believe that the robot came by itself? of course not, because robots are a very complex technological machines that has to have a scientist build. why is it that when archaelogists find a lost city or ancient artifacts they believe someone made it? infact they search for all kinds of writing to find out who made it. thats because they know such artifacts and monuments cant come by themselves, yet we HAVENT EVEN SEEN WHO MADE IT! but did you know that the human brain is smarter than a supercomputer or robot. for example, if you touch a thorn your brain quickly responds by sending a message to the musle groups in your hand to quickly pull your hand away. thats just the human brain which controls your nevous system. infact, scientists say the human brain is one of the biggest wonders of the world because of its complexity. imagine how complex the human body is to have an endocrine system, a nervous system, a muscular system, a skeletal system but each system works together in perfect balance to control our body. in fact, the hypothalamus links the endocrine system with the nervous system to work together in times of stress. but thats only the humans

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