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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Why are you so gay (20 characters)?

I mean like for real
Question could be taken several ways:

1) I am so gay because I am same sex attracted/desire love from same sex.

2) I am so gay because I am so feminine. (I unfortunately am extremely masculine/butch)

3) I am so gay because gay is lame. (Only a straight guy would think this..I am actually very proud of my orientation and think it is one of the Coolest things about myself)

That is about all of the ways I can figure you might have meant if the above is unsatisfactory to your desire, then more information would be appropriate. IN ADDITION, you should remember that you came HERE, to our space, to post if it is indeed meant to be offensive...that says definitive things about your lack of character. I, sir, may be Gay, but at least I am not a troll.
Because you put too much effort into typing your name.
Cuz I saw you naked.
why are you so ghetto
I let Teh Gays recruit me, and I chose to be this way.
A better question is, why are you hatin

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