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Thursday, April 9, 2009

How much per pound is crawfish?

im planning on helping my dad start a crayfishing job but we want to know how much a pound it is in utah

Crawfish (extra large) 14-16 count to lb. - Live


Crawfish (extra large) 14-16 count to lb. - Live (100 lbs. and over) CALL

Crawfish (extra large) 14-16 count to lb. - Fresh boiled $3.89

Bait crawfish - Live (30 to the lb.)


Crawfish (jumbo) 10-13 count to lb. - Live, minimum 20 lbs. $3.39

Crawfish (jumbo) 10-13 count to lb. - Live (100 lbs. and over) CALL

Crawfish (jumbo) 10-13 count to lb. - Fresh boiled, minimum 40 lbs. $4.39

What Hamish answered is pretty much the bar anywhere

I want to spend a month doing intensive community service this summer.?

I'm a high school junior, and I want to go into social work when I get older, and I really want to help out people. I've been searching for quite some time for some service learning or service programs that run in june, but I'm finding a lot of overpriced 'adventure' camps and whatnot. I want a legit program where I can focus on doing something meaningful, such as something in the middle east or Dubai, or planning community events for the environment, or helping curtail hunger, or spreading education.

What should I do? What program is there that I could attend and do actually meaningful intensive work for a month?


How about some meaningful work close to home? There are many senior centers and nursing homes and VA hospitals that would love to have you volunteer. Charity begins at home, my young friend.

Seeing as how you are going to school to be a social worker I would start by calling social services to get in contact with someone who could help set you up. When my daughter was in college she did that and they set her up with boys/girls club where she put in some time for credits. I would look into any of your community programs and get your name out there now for June.

How many of you are members of YWCA ?

Please mention you places.

I'm not.

once by ignorency i did not notice the W (women) and just asked the lady on the counter for place in there, she looked at me and said you look to me a man(male) .i said yes i am.she said sorry nothing for you,better come after you change your sex.i was still.................she said this is YWCA NOT YMCA..oh sorry madam it is my mistake.but can you help me ,, because W and M belongs to the same family in INDIA..AND I JUST LAUGH.she said ok you must sleep in the waiting room or guest room.i was happy to stay there for a was in OSLO. i am not a member of any .thanks

We are members of the YMCA in San Diego, California. We use the pool facilities. My daughter used to be a lifeguard there. :D

whats that ? cant u put your question in proper way ?

Not me...It would have to be YMCA for me , and I have no interest in that either Buzz

Son-in-law has donated his Leaver!?

Son-in-law has donated his leaver to his ailing father in law but unable to give child to his wife. Does he deserve Divorce from his wife?

Well it's not really his fault if he can't conceive a child. Marriage is for better or worse. Who's to say that the woman isn't the problem? Him giving his liver to somebody to save their life is wonderful and brave. It shows what kind of man he is....and if his wife left because of that shows what kind of person she is.

When a couple is unable to have a child, their desire can get in the way of their better judgment. Each of them may have a role in the infertility. They can go to a fertility specialist to see what could be done to help them.

If they are unable to have children, they can go through an adoption agency. There are lots of children that need a loving home.

whats a leaver?

Wife secretly stops taking births control in order to get pregnant without husbands knowledge, not because she loves him, but to insure that she has someone to pay child support, is this grounds for divorce?

Mind your Business

I think that liver was donated. Just misspelled word. And second clue-to his ailing father. What is not to understand?

Otherwise, leaver means departer.

Leaver or liver?

If he doesnt want kids thats his choice, and frankly, I dont blame him.

Transferring community service?

so my baby momma took my daughter to tennesee and i live in north carolina so i am trying my damndest to get down there and establish a residence so i can be close to my daughter...but i have a lot of community service to do and i am trying to find out if you can move with unfinished community service and do it down there.....also i have a deferred sentence.

Any court ordered community service is supervised by your probation officer. Your PO will have to okay the transfer since it is out of State, have him/her contact their agency in the town you will be moving to to see if they will accept you. Usually they will if you have been doing well here. You will need housing and employment, as well as completing your obligations to the State you are in. Hope you are able to get squared away okay, good luck to you....thank you

Can Ex-Military Infantry Join The Peace Corps?


I am a recently separated Marine 0311 with 2 combat deployments, and currently in college pursuing a degree in Sociology. I have plans of joining the Peace Corps after I complete my undergrad, and have heard some rumors that Ex-Military have a hard time getting accepted, and that it would be nearly impossible for an Ex-infantryman to be accepted at that. The reason given was something along the lines of scaring the local populace that the US was sending in clandestine forerunners to set up an invasion. Now the source for this rumor was not in the Peace Corps, so I am skeptical as to the validity of this statement, and was hoping someone could help clear that up for me. As a side note, to avoid any flame wars, I am extremely proud, and not at all ashamed of my military service, I do believe I helped people through my actions in the Marines, I absolutely believe in the strong protecting the weak(sometimes that means forcibly removing fascists like the Taliban, or Sadden) and do not believe I was part of "evil wars", SO PLEASE DO NOT POST ANTI-MILITARY, ANTI-BUSH, ANTI-IRAQ, OR ANTI-AFGHANISTAN ANSWERS, I do not wish to hear them. My reasons for wanting to join the Peace Corps are, 1. I would like to continue helping people in the 3rd world, just in a different capacity then war, and 2. I have future aspirations of working in policy and advocacy for a humanitarian non-profit, and 3. Apparently the Peace Corps has a scholarship for grad school, which would compliment my GI Bill for undergrad. Any assistance in this matter would be greatly appreciated.

I did.

Hey! And thank you for your service!

You are more than welcome in the Peace Corps. I myself am gay and a republican (oh my!) and I have been welcomed with open arms into the Peace Corps. Also, several of the people I will be going to Kazakhstan with are ex-military.

The Peace Corps does not discriminate based upon political affiliation, sexual orientation, race, gender or creed. Though in your service, you may be required to bite your tongue (PCVs are not allowed to participate in political agendas of any kind in their service), you can maintain your identity and belief systems while serving. Just remember, the soap box isn't allowed.

Good luck to you!


UK: How can I start a community club for under-privileged youth in my city?

I have recently moved from the country to a big city here in the UK. I have been struck by the sheer number of people my own age (23) and younger who cause trouble and generally got off to a bad start in life, particularly in the poorer areas.

I know there are already a couple of clubs operating locally, but surely it's a case of 'the more the merrier' in this sort of scenario.

What would be involved in starting up such a club- and would my own young age and lack of business or care experience be a problem? There a few large buildings that are waiting to be sold I've been keeping an eye on, right in the heart of the neighbourhoods I'd like to help with.

I've spoken to some shop owners and workmen and they said they'd be more than willing to donate their time, tools and goods if it got off the ground. I've already had some offers of furniture, books and even pool tables!

I'd like the place to have a small library where perhaps the guys could learn the basics for an education and possible career options. We could have people in to talk about their jobs, along with the police, and maybe even liase with conservation trusts for trips abroad to help wildlife. And I'm sure a programme to clean up the streets would be gratefully received.

So could I get this off the ground? If so, how do I start?


Have a word with the local councillors and put your outline plans to them.

Why do you think people don

I'm doing a design project on Organ Donation and would love some opinions on organ donation so please write what you think. Also, if you could, please tell me what would make it easier for people to donate. Thanks

The two reasons I can think of are because they don't want their body being sliced up after they're dead,and because they don't get around to becoming an organ donor because they don't really think of themselves dying very often

They have been told that if you are an organ donor, your organs have to be removed before you are totally dead. They fear that an overzealous doctor while make the decision that they will not make it and take their organs (reducing their chance of survival considerably).

Because it is scary and not that common... yes, we are already in the XXI century, we all know that organ donation can save many lives... but this is still scary. It is a part of you....of your body. Selfish but true...

In my opinion this is an educational issue. Maybe our kids, who will be born in society where organ donation is an option, will think of it as smth normal or even necessary.

Personally I don't know about donation...but with this economic crisis i'll pretty soon have to sell my kidney in order to pay my fees(((

Some people refuse to donate for religious reasons. Some religions have strict guidlines for corpses involving burial and the like... donating would be desicration of the body...

I've heard some people say that they don't want to sign up as an organ donor, because they're afraid that if they are hurt critically, that the doctors won't save their lives.

There can be many reasons, however, I would not donate if I were a smoker, alcoholic or diabetic.

What are some things 15 year old girls can volunteer for?

like animal shelters, or day care centers, can anyone give me a full list of things you know?

Homeless Shelters

Food Banks

The Guideposts Sweater Project

Ronald McDonald House

Special Olympics

Habitat for Humanities

State Parks

City Programs

Helping Others Learn to Read



Senior Citizens Centers

Animal Shelters

United Way

Red Cross

Salvation Army

Environmental Organizations

Political Campaigns

800 Number Volunteer

Web site creation

Very good for you darling for wanting to help out.

A lot of churches need volunteers for their social action/social justice projects----you might be helping paint a house with Habitat for Humanity, collecting blankets and food for an animal rescue group, or cleaning up a stream.

Check with your local Council on Aging---see if they need anyone to do phone check-ins. There may be other special tasks you can do right in your neighborhood that will allow older persons to "age in place" and stay in their own homes. (This was one of the biggest concerns we had with my mom--getting small chores done---very hard to case manage when there's 1000 miles of distance.)

Perhaps you can do regular pickups of small grocery items, like bread, milk, fresh veggies. Very few stores deliver, and those that do often charge quite a bit. But you can handle that size task on a bicycle.

How about shoveling snow, or mowing lawns? Taking garbage cans from the back door to the alley (or taking them back to the house)---doesn't sound like much, until you have trouble moving and are trying to steer a can with one hand and use a walker with the other....ESPECIALLY in wet or snowy weather.

How about seeing if there's a "visiting project" for local nursing homes or eldercare centers? You'd be surprised how *interesting* older folks can be, when you start asking "what was it like when....?" (You may also be able to double up and count this as an "oral history" assignment for school, or as a base for a social studies paper.)

Like to cook?---see if anyone is doing a soup kitchen (and no, you typically DON'T have to be a member of a church to help out there). Helpers are really needed, especially for serving and cleaning up.

Hope this helps, and thanks for thinking of others!

you can do errands and shopping for the old and shut-ins you know of. you can start a tutoting program and meet at the public library, or better yet, return to your elementary school, your favorite teacher , and offer your services as tutor.

you can find out if single moms in the area need someone to pick up their kid and start dinner or do laundry at their apt or home.

you can see if they need clean up and errand help at the local hair or nail salon..and maybe even pick up pointers and some early experience.

Candystriper at a hospital or nursing home

Animal shelter

Day care center

Food bank

After school tutoring program

Excuse me.

What type of things and I donate to a childrens home in Lesothos, Africa?

Lesothos is the landlocked country in the middle of south africa. I want to donate stuff to Mants'ase Children's Home there but I don't know what I can send or what they need?

You asked a different question about the Peace Corps... let's take this one step further.

I believe we have a program in Lesotho. So go on google and look up PEace Corps Lesotho. There is bound to be blogs and volunteer info. Ask the volunteers. They can tell you.

most children's homes need money,imperishable foods,toiletries. our mission is in need of cots for children to sleep on please review website and consider helping us to

How come Charity walks or rides give so much freebies away that cost more than the donation fee?

I know this promotes awareness to the cause, but is this the reason for all the freebies? Ex. A 20mile ride for the Ronald McDonald house is $20 for a family upto 4 and is giving a way a free T-shirt est. couple bucks, Lunch after race a McDonalds est $5, and tickets to Space Center Houston est. $19dollar value. More than the entry fee and thats not all. Sports bottle etc from other places. With all these places donating things that cost money, wouldnt it be more money to the charity just to give that amount of money. So is this an awareness thing charities do? Just wondering:)

Hi David,

Not everyone feels about charity the way you do. Some people need to be enticed to donate. These freebies do that enticing. The T-shirts only cost pennies each to produce in bulk, and I'm sure the silk screener is donating them. It's not cash, but it produces cash. Believe me, McDonalds can afford to give away a bunch of meals to get folks to donate to their charity. The tickets to the Space Center don't really cost anything. The Space Center is going to be there anyway, some folks will pay, a few will get in free because the rode in a charity event.

There are two key factors to remember here.

1. You have to spend money to make money. Not just in business, but in charity too.

2. All of these companies donating items get tax deductions and some free publicity. It's worth more to everyone for them to donate things instead of direct funds.

I hope this answers your question some.


The donated items cost less than the value for which they may be sold, and are cheaper for the business which donates them than giving a dollar amount. The charities solicit (request) donations, for which they give a receipt and their Tax Identification Number ("Tax ID": proof of non-profit status, necessary for the donating party to document).

Thus the business may claim a tax deduction for their donations, gaining a benefit when taxes are computed.

I used to ponder: if Americans gave up game shows alone, wouldn't all those monies and goods create a significant boost to other, suffering economies?

If you feel that way, donate to the charity but let them keep their freebies to entice other donations. Ask friends to do the same.

Those items are usually donated anyway....

Positive message about being tobacco free?!!?

My school is having a poster contest about being tobacco free.One of the criteria is that the poster must deliver a CLEAR AND POSITIVE message about being tobacco free...Any ideas.It must be creative and original.It must be incorporate. You CaNNoT copy messages from the INternet,books,etc.It has be comething that you made up.

Please help!!??

Thanks a lot.

Isnt it Embarrassing to smell like this

Who do people say that Bill Gates stole other peoples work?

those people are dumb and jealous. They think his VP did the work. Its not true though. Bill Gates is a self earned billionare.

Apple/Mac had a visual OS before Windows came out.

But it's a very complicated thing when you trace back through everything Bill Gates was involved in. Some things that people think he immitated,.. he actually made in another company. So it original was released by another company,.. but it was his work,.. so when he made Windows he did it ways he thought was better but was not the way the other companies would let him.

So in the long run,.. he stole his own work XD

Bill Gates started working for Apple when Steve Jobs began Apple. Apple's PC was the first computer with like icons and things so it was more user friendly and Bill Gates took that technology and started windows and just randomly quit on Apple to do that.

he invented windows with a friend, so when he patent the idea, he some how forgot the mention that it was a joint idea, so he screwed his friend over.

Cuz he actually got the idea of Windows from Apple, where he used to work.


how can i make a small shocker(taser) that has no side effects and very little pain i need help making one thats safe and i want to fight crime but not hurt anyone alot

Even a small shocker can be very harmful.

Tasers were introduced as less-lethal weapons to be used by police to subdue fleeing, belligerent, or potentially dangerous subjects, often when what they consider to be a more lethal weapon would have otherwise been used. The use of Tasers has become controversial following instances of Taser use which have resulted in serious injury and death. I know you mean to just have fun but please use a paint ball or something less controversial...thank you

Look at last season's "Burned" on USA or TNT cable channel. They show how to do so using a disposable camera & some other stuff.

Hope this helps:)

Need advise. Please help.?

I am a volunteer in my neighbourhood youth centre. I am put in charge of a soccer team. Our approach here is 2 pronged, education and sports. We voulnteers giving extra lessons before we start the soccer training. The whole idea here is to get these boys off the streets and be more productive of their time. So far, after more than a year, we can see change in the boys discipline and attitude.

However, we have one problem with this boy. He is tempremental, self-centred and very destructive towards the team overall morale. Although his soccer skill level is a notch above the average, and, he is currently our team top scorer in our local league. He is lacking mental strength. Whenever, we found ourselves trailing, he will be in his destructive mode. Like balming everyone in the team, and will start to dish out all the dirty tricks in the book at the opponent. Unfortunately, more than once he bite more than he could chew.

Things got worse last weekend. During 5-a-side training session, his team was given a run around the opposite team. In anger, he stamped on the smallest guy in the opposite team. It was a clear, malicious, and blatant. He had the audacity to call it a fair tackle. Needless to say, the coaching staff had to restrain the rest of the boys.

The easy way is to sack this troublemaker on the spot, but the head councillor will not sack him but will continue to 'counsel' him. He is smart enough to know that the punishment for his action is only a slap on the wrist. Sacking him will be out of the question because of our policy "NO ONE SHALL BE LEFT BEHIND"

His team mates don't want him, I had tried to reason with him and the head councillor had even tried to compromise with him. But nothing is working. We reprimand him but he will do it again next week. We suspend him for a match, he will be all innocent and regretful of his action and the following week, he will be back to his old self again.

I am in need of advise or suggestion in order to safe this boy from himself. Furthermore, it is unfair to the rest of the boys. We are chanelling to much energy and time on him alone.

We have tried the following;

Suspension from competitive matches

One on one interview / talk with him


Promote to team captain (it sounded good at that time)

Demote from team captain

I work at an Outdoor School program and when children start to get out of hand they are put on a contract for whatever behavior issue they have, if the break it they are sent home. I know that you said no one is left behind but these circumstances seem to be extreme and maybe if he realizes that one more problem will get him kicked off then he will change and if not then you had valid proof that you gave him every opportunity to keep himself in the program.

Best of luck, its definitely a difficult situation.

cosider this: within each of us dwells a higher spirit. however, the Lord

in His wisdom gave us free will. in this we choose to pursue our higher

spirit or our free will. it is the ying and yang of our existance.

we can choose to feed the me or pursue the higher plaine of we.

through loss of self esteem, questions of revalance, unjustifide pain

or loss, we have but 3 choices:

1. pity pot: poor me, why me, what about me

2. blame: it is not me but them. revenge. why me.

3. opportunity to grow- grow where? higher spirit- the person who you

dream of being.

simple is it not.

the solution: we are all children of the creator. His mesage is LOVE

start by accepting yourself. progress into loving yourself. manifest this into LOVE for the creation and acceptance, understanding and LOVE

for those around you. we all need it, we all feel it, we know we have

to give it.

any thing else is self serving and doomed to failure.

anger is nested in self will. leave that nest and fly home.

Do u volunteer and why?

Yes, I volunteer at my kids' schools, in the community, and in the church.

The reason? Stewardship.

God gave us gifts of our talents, our time, and our treasure and it is up to us to use and share those gifts.

I have been a volunteer firefighter/EMT in my mountain community for the last seventeen years.

Why? Several reasons--one is that if we waited for the first paid engine to arrive up here, we would wait from 25-45 minute, which is unacceptable in an emergency.

Though I guess the main reason is that I have been the guy who needed help before, and I know how it feels when help finally gets there....

i love to volunteer! seriously, my friend and i say that community service is a sport!

i feel like i have so much in my life, while others are denied of their basic need. it feels good to offer a little bit of my time to help other people. plus i enjoy hearing other people's stories and learning from their lives, sharing laughter and tears.

i volunteer at the local food bank, elementary school, community center, and at walks for different causes. sometimes i'm packing boxes, working with children, cleaning, painting, setting up, or just cheering people on. whatever it is, i always have fun!

Yes, I volunteer every day.

I am in the Peace Corps, and I have been for the past 3 years.

I volunteer because if you put something good out in the world you make the world a little bit better.

When I left for the Peace Corps my country (U.S.) was inflicting wounds on the rest of the world and I wanted to try to heal some.

So corny, but you need to "Be the Change You want to see in the World."

I used to when I was able. I volunteered at my kids' schools and at a couple of local hospitals. It was for purely selfish reasons - I wanted to get out of the house and do something interesting.

I volunteer with my Boy Scout troop. I find it fun sometimes and I am also satisfied knowing that i helped someone.

How can you start up a charity fund?

I wanted to figure out how you could start up a fund for someone. There is a woman my grandmother knows who has lost everything. So she took all she had left in a back pack and is now walking the Appellation mountains. She has started in georgia and will end in Maine. She is doing this for a "soul walk" for the people whom have lost so much in these times and in the war. I wanted to start up a fund in her name. How can I do this??? for the forms needed to register your charity.

Starting costs range from 500 to 1k

You need Officers and a board of trustees, mission statement, Taxpayer ID number to open a bank account.

What is a quick and cheap way to travel?

my destination is 5 hrs away

Look at train tickets on Amtrack. I had to find tickets for my bossy whose daughter was having a wedding. It was extremely inexpensive! And for football games last year, I found that i could travel from Tuscaloosa, AL to New Orleans, LA for only $65 roundtrip! It's amazing what you can find! Check it out!

Bicycle. Cuts down walking time by about 2/3.

well, the cheapest way i can think of is walking, or take public transportation

It is a bicycle.

ya check online, for travel.

Community Service hours?

im in high school and i got about 2000 hours of community service. My grades arnt great but i was wondering how much can those hours help when i apply to a college?

I think colleges would also consider your volunteer hours - considering how many hours you put into have a great advantage. Especially, if you are applying to programs in the community/human services field (e.g. social work, ECE, etc.). Cause you volunteered many hours, I think colleges will look at that...but still try your best in school to better your chances.

Where can kids that are 10-13 years old volunteer?

I'm setting up this day camp this summer and the kids are 10-13 years of age and the camp is about leadership and being the best citizen you can be.

I've already got them signed up for a day at the food bank, a park cleanup, a day at the hospital where they would entertain the younger ones, and they'll be doing a fundraiser.

Where would they have fun, and do something good at the same time?

Volunteering is difficult when your so young, i was thinking maybe they could volunteer at the SPCA, or some kind of animal shelter where they can play with the animals and help out. You could also research some organizations that need materials and have the kids make them, like baby blankets or stuffed animals for kids in hospitals. i think what your trying to do is really great though.

I think the first answer is a very good idea. Also, try the local 4-H club. Maybe call the boys/girl scouts for some ideas.

Become a social worker??? What do they do?

I am a complete people person. I want to council and help people. I am especially into helping teenagers like myself with drug, pregnacy, etc problems. Would i do this as a social worker?

yes. you would. There all all different types of social worker that help people. Like helping people get a job and finding them places to stay. And they also can put people in that need help and safe places and making sure they have plenty to eat

Where I work social work is split into different departments in one buiding.

Older People services

OT ( occupational therapy)


criminal justice

children & families

community nursing

substance misuse team

These all come under social work

You can get your Bachelors degree in

Social work

then I recommend you get your MSW

Master's in Social Work

all at an accredited university

Good luck !!

Not really. that is more somethign else, like a youth counselor-maybe a high school counselor. neither of which make any money though-keep that in mind. WE have the same name, Lauren M.

When throwing a charity event, are you supposed to give them all the money?

I%26#039;m planning an art show for later in the year. It will consist of 30-35 artists work and I would like to have it as a charity event, but I was only going to have a percentage of the money from any purchased art go to the charity and the rest would go to the artists. Is that wrong? How do these things usually work? I don%26#039;t wanna look like a schmuck especially since there are some pretty big celebrities associated with the charity I%26#039;m considering.

As long as you advertise what percentage is for charity.

Your ads could say 25% of all proceeds will be donated to %26quot;Name Your Charity%26quot; Make sure you have the written permission of the charity to collect monies in their name

nah, save some for yourself

No, it isn%26#039;t wrong providing that you make it clear that the whole amount will not be going to charity.

You will probably have to hire a room for this so that would be expenses to take out of money taken and the artists themselves (unless they are donating 100% their paintings) should receive some of the money.

I%26#039;d suggest that you discuss this with the artists themselves and find out how much of the selling prices they would wish to donate to the charity then make the details clear on any advertising flyers and posters etc.


I about to become homeless in California, what should I do?

I am 17 years old, about to turn 18 on June 12th, I am currently attending a community college to become a medical assistant. I moved from Wisconsin about two months ago to live with relatives....they don't like me at all because of my "blood" (They don't like my mom) So they are about to kick me out, is there any programs in California that will house people with futures for free???

I don't know what to do :(, I'm a smart guy and very loving, I don't want to end up in the streets.

Find a classmate with a MILF and move right in.

I would ask my Guidance Counselor for some advice. All colleges have them. You could just walk up to a Church and ask to speak to a minister and explain your situation and I'm sure being a Christian he/she will find some place for you to stay. Churches have access to this type of information. Good Luck and stay safe!

There's hardly anything around that is free anymore, i don't know how long you'll be in the community college.

Maybe make a deal with your relatives. Perhaps pay them back sometime in the future?

get a job, sleep on the bus

Why do I feel bad about not being there?

I am in the Interact Club at my school. I signed up for an event, and I was suppose to be there. Then something family related came up, and I could not make it. Then this week, I signed up for an event, and I got caught up in the bad weather and could not make it. Why do I feel so bad for not making these events in my club? Maybe....I feel bad because I signed up for it and I did not go....

Well you shouldn't feel bad. You had honest reasons as to why you could not make it. You should try hard to make it to future events, but if something comes up, then it is ok to not go.

You're life and what you do in it with your family takes precedence over community service. Community service is good, but it's not as important as you're family and you. Because if you think about it, community service is meant to help other families in need. I'm not trying to make it sound like community service is not important, it is, but you have to remember where your priorities lie, and those are to your family.

Like I said you shouldn't feel so bad about not making it, you had legitimate reasons, and if you still intend to help then no worries. I mean you aren't obligated to go to these events, its called community service, not community obligation.

i think you just answered your own question, dear. :)

Thursday, April 2, 2009

What companies are readily willing to sponsor events for charity?

What are the names of some good companies that will be willing to donate for a good cause?

All of them You need to submit your request in writing on the nonprofit organizations letterhead. Include the groups tax exempt number.

State your request, how donations will be used and who benefits

Make sure you thank them for giving your request some consideration.

This needs to be done 6 to 12 months prior to needing the donations.

If you surf the web for all major corporations, their website does include an office and address to send the requests. We just did this for items to use for a silent raffle and door prizes. Sent 60 letters and received 40 donations.

If you are a registered society you can apply to the BC Gaming commission for funding. They offer financial assistance to all nonprofit organizations.

What is a type of product that you would like to see improved?

and why?


we will have to ensure a healthy life first

if we are not safe from food adulteration then how can we think about others..

First we will have to full fill our hunger in a clean and nutritious way then we can think about the other necessities of life.

How does your presence affect society?


How does your presence enrich the world in which you live in? In what ways do you contribute to your society, and in what ways do you affect it negatively? How does every aspect of your existence influence your community and world, and in what spectrum are you most influential in?

Good Question.

Answer to this one is I don't know yet. I have a boyfriend so I suppose I affect his life. I don't have many friends but for the close friends that I do have they're probably different because of me in some way. I also sing in a Church Choir. I attend school and everything but I don't think my life is that much of a contribution elsewhere.

Name one good deed you did for someone today?

I took my gran somewhere she needed to me (at a time I am not normally awake for) :)

A lady asked me where to find a building on campus and I gave her directions. I even watched her to be sure she made it there alright.

It's 5 AM and I've only been up an hour, getting ready for work.

I'm always helpful at my office above and beyond the call of duty - not sure if that counts or not.

Where can I find information on volunteer opportunities for my 10 year old in Columbus, Ohio?

I really wanted to find some volunteer opportunities that my daughter and I can do together. But, it seems as though all the information I've found online are for kids 13 and up. Does anyone know where I can look?

you don't have to use a listed organization. For instance hospitals and Dr's offices need magazines. They could collect and distribute those. Your family could 'adopt' a nursing home resident who has no family. Just ask at the desk who would be a good candidate for you to help. You can collect teddie bears for the police department to give to scared children when they go to a domestic situation and the child has to go to Child Services or Foster Care. Hospital also accept clean new teddie bears and crayons, coloring books for pediatric patients.

Many good people , are in very hard times. In fact, there being punished for acting reasonable and with some judgment.

You and your daughter, could help others with issues that you could be facing right now! Your child could pass out fliers, on most any issue that may concern her. Get signatures for issues of her concern, then send them to city hall, congress, state reps, etc.

Go to and we will help her, help to others, and she will discover power that will surprise both of you!

Sorry no. The age limitation is for insurance liability issues.

You and your daughter can collect food items for the food pantry. You just have to use your imagination

What are good ideas for community service?

I'm in a club at school and I really need to know!!

For school i had to do heaps of community service.

I volunteered at the dog home, and the cat haven, i cleaned up the whole of the photography room, and i did front of house services for the drama productions of younger years.

But yeah you can go for the whole, nursing home thing, or even planting trees in a local nursery etc etc

Hope that helped :)

Work in a hospital or nursing home.

there is nothing more rewarding than a nursing home,

Does anyone know if you can go to job corps just for the high school diploma?

My friend wanted to know if you can go to job corps for the high school diploma and skip on the trades, is this at all possible to anyone who has gone there and experienced it?Thanks!

you have to complete a program in order to get your GED....your friend could always go to a community college and earn there GED for free.

Does anybody knoe what

There's really no "differences", students go to Phoenix mainly because they want to get "rid" of thier regular attending high school because they are tired of it, or and had problems with the administration.. aside from that PHS is sometimes closer distances to your house.

Should MADONNA just donate money rather than adopt so the kids could be with their families?

Seems quite odd that she wants to spend millions raising a child when she could donate the money to save a few 100. What do you think?

I'm sure she did donate a lot to the cause. Plus she's spreading the word about the issue, which is giving them even more money. She sent a care package to Home of Hope, i know that...

She should please leave.

Community Service Question?

I know to get into a University there must be community service completed. I think an average of 1,000 hours a year. I now volunteer for a childrens tutoring center. On average I work 25-30 hours a month at the center, however I do other volunteer work for other organizations, such as the AIDS, BREAST and MARCH OF DIMES.

I was wondering how would I count my volunteer hours? Would I seperate the hours according to organization or would I add them all up and on my personal statement put down the hours in total and just name the organizations? How would that go?

Thanks in advance !!

Best thing would be total but then provide a break-down of hours at each organization. Sometimes they may require a written/typed statement from the person in charge at the organization (as proof you actually spend the time doing what you're supposed to).

Volunteer For Being Laid Off?

I volunteered myself for being laid off today. Job was extremely stressful and I could not take it anymore. I was recently cut to just 20 hours with a choice of being laid off. Boss Ok it and on my pink slip the reason for leaving is "lack of work".

I need to know was this a good choice? I have no job lined up but feel like a big cloud of stress lifted off my shoulders. I feel free for the first time in a long time.

Whether it was a good idea or not, is not for anyone to judge, however, it was offered to you, and since your hours were cut to 20, you probably would have lost the job eventually.

The most important part of your question, you were stressed, and you feel like a big cloud of stress was lifted off your shoulders. That says it all.

It was a big decision to make, but feel good about it. Take this time to reflect on your life, maybe go away for a few days and relax, and think about your future, what good things lie ahead for you.

You made the best decision for you and your health, no one can judge that!

Dude,im in class and mega bored.?


entertain me.

i dont care how

so r u a cutie and if so can i have ur didgets cuz i am in class to and i wanna txt u

Hey it's going to be boring if you're not participating. It might get interesting If you got involved.

Dude, go do some school work, you'll appreciate it, when you have a good job

Is this true, this what i heard?

Is it true that if you HIV in the UK you get a free house?

No. You just get free drugs. And the cost of it has caused our Health Service to collapse.


Can someone help me write a costumer complaint?

I called this company asking for information about some supplies I needed to purchase before heading out to the store . And while i was on the phone i heard a woman yelling at the associate that I was speaking to , She had complete disregard for the fact that the associate was speaking to a customer , and she spoke to him with such disrespect I felt really bad for the guy , when i asked what that was all about he didn't want to say but i did ask for the name and position of the person yelling at him , and to my surprise it was an Assistant manager ! Really ? her actions where very unprofessional , and it isn't the first time that ive seen someone with any type of authority treating their associates in that manner ( I frequently shop at this location) . This location is notorious for bad customer service (more frequently from people holding higher positions) . So i would like to write a complaint to this company , about this unjust behavior and treatment of employees ,coming from a customer witness i think it would have more of an effect . Can someone please help ?

***10 points 5 stars and thumbs up for sure , for the most helpfull answer ! ***

Thanks !

Mmmmm? Catch 22 situation hun, so be careful that your not putting this mans job in jepordy ok? :))

The safest and clever way to deal with this is this:

"Dear sirs,

I have been using your store(location etc) for many years along with my family and friends and recently at a community wedding i was discussing how i had been in your store, and how i found the person helping me to be extremly helpful and intelligent with an exceptional product knowledge that made my shopping nightmare a dream, anyway, after describing him/her etc i wasnt suprised to find there were several of us who felt the same, the next day i went back to your store and got the persons name so i/we could let you know its a pleasure to know you have people like this, their name is.............

You see hun, the theory is to get them on the promotional ladder and hopefully in time poetic justice will prevail. ;-) x

you iz @ penis


I am writing to..

Recently, I...

I feel that this is..

I hope you will take this further as I feel it is..

Yours, Lady da.

if you've been there before you should walk in a give the complaint straight to the assisstant manager!

because its likely she won't care about your opinions you should mention that you found it rude, unhelpful and annoying that she was interfering with your call when you were trying to listen for information. since the place has bad customer service get a load of people to do it! also make it clear to the manager that you may not want to shop at a place where staff are treated like ****

What id the best charity to donate to?

Get a list of charities, and you decide. There is no best answer . There are so many of them with so many needs, it is like comparing apples to oranges. How can you compare a hungry child to a child with cancer. They both have serious needs.

I need to interview some one who was in the peace corps?

I tried to ask my teacher and she keeps blowing me off and its due tomorrow. If you know ANYONE please let me know. i need an interview via e-mail or IM so i can print it off.

If you still got time I am on Gmail at junglekat26.2

I am a Peace Corps Volunteer - have been for almost 3 years

Has anyone been interviewed for a hospital volunteer position?

I have an interview and i want to volunteer so bad but I say the most ridiculous things when I'm nervous. What are some key ideas to keep in mind to help me stand out? what do they ask?

what are they looking for???

Don't over think it; just explain why you think you would be good for the job and any experience you have had with people before and how you feel about a hospital environment which is not for everyone.

I need help with picking a name for a school club I

Me and about a dozen friends are putting together a club at our school. The club will be all about raising money for different charities, changing the charity about every few months. We need something cooler than "The Fund-Raiser Club" or "Charity-Club". We want something that people actually want to join and something that doesn't sound so boring.

Any ideas or suggestions? Thanks! :D

Superstars and you dont have to add the word club... that way when people ask what is a superstar it's your chance to reel them in and ask them "do you want to be a superstar?", and your motto can be "superstars on the rise" because your raising money... just an idea...

The Money Makers Club

Global action group?

I want to fund raise...-by going door-to-door..Im fundraising for the heart and stroke foundation...?

i don't know what to say... like, do i say..." im representing_______school... do you mind sponsoring me?" of what... PLEASE give me some ideas on what to say.



(o)Music is Life


door to door in today's society is a bad idea. if u do decide 2 do this please take an adult with you and stick to your neighborhood and don't go into ANYONE'S house. and try "hi, i'm (UR NAME) and we are trying to to get the community's support to help us raise funds for (whatever). and add in some little tidbit about it ehancing your future

Make students more CHARITABLE

My school has recently started a sponsorship program where we sponsor orphans, each student only has to bring ONE dollar a MONTH! and they cant even manage to do that! How do I get them more motivated and more interested in this project?

Help please!

We actually wrote an essay in class about teachers giving students incitives and extra credit for participating in such things.

Some idea I would use would be to give them a few extra points on a quiz for bringing in the money; you can't make it mandatory thought-like if they dont bring it they get a zero.

Also, show them clips of how some orphans have to live if you can find them. Some students just don't realize how lucky they are.

And of course there are always the pizza parties and movies that could motivate them for every student bringing what they should.


Starting an organisation to keep youth away from drugs and gang violence?

Me and my friends are going to hold a camp in the summer where we help kids set goals, find their interests and get educated on what they can do. We will involve kids in activities so they can find out what they enjoy at a young age and do not involve themselves in bad things because of the lack of education and distractions.

Is this a good idea?

Or, should we advise parents on what they can do to keep their kids distracted and hold seminars with the parents?

you should differently do the camp they'll be more involved and parents just telling kids what not to do makes them want to do it more. all even help you out just let me know when your planning on getting started. it seems like a good idea.

All .... are great ideas. Go for it!

Where can I donate $ online to help the homeless in the U.S.?

and one that is a legit foundation? It just breaks my heart seeing all the homeless stories on the news. I can't do much, but I'll give what I can. Thank you. :)

There are many opportunities to help homeless in your hometown. Then you know where your money is going and who it is helping. Food kitchens need money and volunteers. You can give money or donate clothes or give of your time. Check with the Salvation Army or your local soup kitchen. Many churches also help the homeless. Women's Shelters are a good place because you are not only helping the homeless adults, but also children of parents who are homeless.

Salvation Army. Not only operates shelter, soup kitchen but has job training. Best money spent for your donation

How do i get charity items to Africa?

I have bought and collected toys to send to children in the refugee camp in Ghana. I am in Sydney, Australia. The cost to post these items is unbelievable (over $100). Any ideas?

sorry to disappoint you but there is no economic way. Donate them to a charity shop to sell and they can send the money. African kids do love toys, but they need food education medicine and clothes more. You can't easily send any of these and charities are the best way. I have adopted a kid in Malawi - through a charity rather than bring her home. It is a way of feeling a more personal connection.

Im going to sign up to do my duke of edinburgh award,?

i was wondering if the stuff i've done before recieving my booklet and starting count, because ive volunteered well over 100 hours before and ive been a part of the football team for a year. will this stuff count and can it be signed straight away.

hey, i completed me gold duke of edinburgh last year and im afraid to say that officially any services/skills etc will not count before your duke of edinburgh. If you want to you could lie and just get your instructor/supervisor to sign you for them anyway. I know its a pain, i had the same problem. Good luck with your D of E im sure you will have an amazing time, I sure did!


Community Service

Well, I had a meeting with a college cost consulting agency today, and the man I talked to told me that my grades are great, but because I really have NO extra curricular activities, community service or leadership roles on my student resume, I'm not competitive enough. So, I need some great ideas that can fulfill my deficits that don't take up too much time, because I work and have a ton of homework. Any ideas? Thanks!

Here the thing, this recruiter is looking to make sure that you can do more then just study and pass tests. Employers, Scholarships and grad schools want to make sure you can be effective outside of the classroom.

One of the best ways to do that is to be in service to your community.

My university did not have a Community Service Organization, so I worked with a few other students and staff members of the Community Service office to start a student group. We hosted a spring break trip to work on habitat for Humanity, and we recruited volunteers for projects that were phoned into the Community Service Office.

Your school might have a similar club, or you can start one. Being a founding member of a club looks great! However, just make sure it isn anything to political. I got in a bit of trouble because I put that I was a founding member of the Gay students organization on my campus. The good news is, it helped me weed out employers I wouldn want to work for.

You want to get a job in an area that has high cross over with EC activities i.e. coaching little league, or the local kids basketball team or something. Think about your skills and interests and try to find a way you can get paid while doing it. Otherwise you want something you can do from home so its not too time demanding such as web administrator for a local charity or even one off things like doing a fundraising event!

Volunteer for federal government?

does anyone know of opportunities to volunteer for the federal government?

Peace Corps is a US Goverment Organization that sends volunteers abroad on 27 month stints to work on a variety of projects.

There is Ameri Corps that send volunteers out on 1 year long stints as teams to work on community service issues.

There is Cityyear, which is like Americorps, but it is based in one city. You get a uniform to wear and have to be up every morning at 8 to do aerobics... I thought that was a bit ridiculous when I was wieghing my options and I went with Peace Corps...

we have an all volunteer army

Do you think this is a good idea?

I sell health and wellness beauty type products. I have always wanted to give back and help others, but like most people I have to work and don%26#039;t have much extra time.

Well I figured out a way I may be able to help others at the same time I work my business. I make a 35% retail profit on my sales and then I also get paid a percentage commission on my total team sales. I would like to offer individuals and groups my 35% profit to be donated to their charity of choice.

Here is how it would work. I sell over 300 products so something for everyone. Example: Rather than buying their normal shampoo and conditioner from the salon, they purchase from me and with each purchase they make, I donate my retail profit to their charity of choice. For those products, it would be about $10.00 each time, but over a year the charity has received about $120.00 just by them switching who they shop with. I can afford to do this, because I am still paid a commission on my sales and team sales. So I feel good also because I am able to provide this additional avenue of income to the charity?

What do you think? Will people like this idea?

Thank you for your feedback! Nice get real people%26#039;s thoughts before I make appointments to actually visit with different groups.

i think it is a fantastic idea. it enables people to not only donate money without actually costing them anything but also raises awareness of the need for charitable donations. i wonder how easy it will be for you from an administrative perspective to donate the 35% to lots of individual charities though? Might it be an idea to think of a few charities - maybe a large national charity that will be relevant to a number of people (eg child protection, cancer research etc) and maybe a local charity that will benefit people within your own community. This would enable you to keep a running total of the money donated to the chosen charities, and would have the added benefit of a) being easier for you to administer, b) receiving a larger sum of money for teh charities is more beneficial than a small amount to many different charities, c)if you are making regular donations to selected charities you can sign a gift aid form whcih enables them to claim back income tax on the donation. this costs you nothing but gives the charity extra funds via the government tax back scheme.

you would be able to advertis ethe running total and this would perhaps also boost your sales as peopel became aware that you were helping the local community too. a win-win situation. you could change the charities each year if you wished.

I think it sounds good as long as your product workd other wise people wont want to buy it. But i would probably if it worked i think its a great way to give back :)


Adult duty desk within Social Services, what do they do?


Can anyone help mee?? 10 points?

Well I need a bit of info on the topic of Filipinos in the 1900%26#039;s

1. Whatt did they eatt?

2. What did theyy wearr?

3. How did they speakk? ( Ex: Catchh Phrases:: Hello: Kumustaa )

4. How weree their living conditionss?

5. Why did they movee to Americaa?

Thanxx for readingg!!!

About two-fifths of the approximately 90 million Philippine population, live in urban areas, while three-fifths of the people live in rural areas, although the proportion of people living in towns, and cities is steadily increasing.

Filipinos cook a variety of foods influenced by Spanish, and Asian cuisines. They eat rice daily. Accompanying rice, popular dishes such as adobo (a meat stew made from either pork or chicken), lumpia (meat or vegetable rolls), pancit (noodle dish), and lechn (whole roasted pig) are served on plates.

Indigenous peoples still wear traditional tribal clothing but most have worn western garb for the past century or so.

Filipino is the national and an official language of the Philippines as designated in the 1987 Philippine Constitution. It is an Austronesian language that is based from the existing native language Tagalog. The Filipino language is in evolution, development and further enrichment on the basis of existing Philippine and other languages. It is the first language of Filipinos living in Metro Manila and the second language of most Filipinos.

Pre-Hispanic architecture is usually characterized by its use of indigenous woody materials. The bahay kubo is the mainstream form of housing. It is characterized by indigenous materials such as bamboo and coconut as the main sources of wood. Cogon grass and Nipa palm leaves are used as roof thatching, although coconut fronds are also used. Most native homes are built on stilts due to frequent flooding during the rainy season. Regional variations include the use of thicker and denser roof thatching in mountain areas, longer stilts on coastal areas especially if the structure is built outright on the water. The architecture of some tribes in other regions, especially in Mindanao, is characterized by very angular wooden roofs, bamboo in place of leafy thatching, and ornate wooden carvings.

The Spanish introduced stones as housing materials. The introduction of Christianity brought western style churches which subsequently became the center of most towns. Colonial era architecture still survives in Intramuros, and Vigan.

Contemporary architecture usually favors western style structures although pre-Hispanic housing is still largely common in rural areas. American style suburban gated communities are popular in the cities, especially Metro Manila, and the surrounding provinces.

The indigenous peoples of the Philippines consist of a large number of varied groups across the country. They are the 12 million descendants of the original inhabitants of the archipelago who have somehow managed to resist centuries of colonization and in the process have retained their own customs, traditions and life ways.

The Spanish-American War began in Cuba in 1898, and soon reached the Philippines when Commodore George Dewey and Emilio Aguinaldo defeated the Spanish squadron at the Battle of Manila Bay. The Philippines declared independence from Spain on June 12, 1898. In 1899, the Primera Repblica Filipina or the First Philippine Republic was proclaimed in Malolos, Bulacan. In the Treaty of Paris, Spain ceded the Philippines, together with Cuba, Puerto Rico, and Guam to the United States. As a result of the treaty and a manifesto by the United States declaring American intentions to colonize the Philippines, resulted into conflict between Filipinos and Americans. Emilio Aguinaldo tried to ease the tensions but Americans were decided on making the Philippines an American colony. The Philippine-American War began when an American soldier killed a Filipino soldier in the bridge of San Juan. The United States proclaimed the war ended when Aguinaldo was captured by American soldiers on March 23, 1901, but the struggle continued until 1913 claiming almost a million lives. The United States suppressed Philippine independence by establishing an American government. The Philippines status as a colony changed when it became the Commonwealth of the Philippines in 1935. Plans for independence over the next decade were interrupted by World War II when Japan invaded, and occupied the islands. United States and Philippine troops defeated Japan in 1944. The United States granted Philippine Independence on July 4, 1946.

There are more than 11 million overseas Filipinos living worldwide, equivalent to about 11% of the total population of the Philippines.

Each year, more than a million Filipinos migrate to work abroad through overseas employment agencies, and other programs. Others emigrate and become permanent residents of other countries. Overseas Filipinos often work as doctors, nurses, accountants, IT professionals, engineers, architects, entertainers, technicians, teachers, military servicemen, students, caregivers, domestic helpers and household maids.

The exodus includes an increasing number of skilled workers taking on unskilled work overseas, resulting in what has been referred to as brain drain, particularly in the health and

I don;t know what words like %26quot;eatt%26quot; and %26quot;wearr%26quot; mean.


How do I let megan who asked a ? 3 weeks ago called help me change the world that she is cheating?

I am helping run a contest that says in the rules the student must come up with his or her own ideas. The grand prize is a scholarship. She has taken our flyer and typed it as a question on yahoo answers. Beside banning all megans from the contest how do we let her know she is cheating?

Wait for all the answers to come in. Then the Megan that submits one of those answers is your cheater. Disqualified!

I know it seems wrong, but a student looks to bounce ideas off others, and get others input. They lack confidence in there own ideas. To be honest, if any of those answers helped her then she successfully used the resources available to her. Unless she copied exactly what someone told her, I don't think she was completely at fault. Im sure other students asked parents and grandparents for help, everyone cheats a little (sorry to say it). Its the time, effort and overall quality of the work that matters. Id lighten up a bit... if that's out of line then so be it..

Im doing this paper for english i have to choose a band to come and help raise charity, i chose paramore but..?

I need 3 main ideas why.

we can lie all we want it doesnt matter.

Umm, I'm just guessing here!

1. They would provide a good break to students

2. Paramore would influence them for the good

3. Students would be more excited to come to school

Pshh, you said we could lie.

My wife and I are both disabled .?

Alright my wife and I are both disabled. She has virtually no left hip left ,and I have Severe Fibromyalgia ,Depression ,Anxiety ,Multiple Moods Disorder , Severe sleep apnea ,Chronic Back pain ,nerve damage , and severe disk degeneration . Every month it seems we go deeper and deeper in debt just trying to keep up with the regular bills .We have canceled cable tv . Long Distance phone ,I want to cancel our cell phones but ,do not want that $200 a line charge ,so that has to wait . My wife is the only one recieving disability ,I am still fighting for mine..Is anyone out there willing to help or give us some ideas ..Please do not be rude ..One day you may find yourself sitting where we are ..

Hopefully, some of this might help. Are there any local churches/ non-profits you can go to to ask for help? It doesn't matter whether or not you are a Christian, most will still help you with food, clothing, etc. As far as the disability goes, it always helps to have someone help who knows more about the system. Do you have any friends of friends who might know someone more familiar with the system. Perhaps a lawyer? There is also free credit counseling systems that can help you with your finances. That's all I can think of at the moment.

I am in a similar situation---may be starting the process of applying for SSDI shortly--i've tred finding help--

people wiill give money to pay for proms and weddings--but not for basic needs...

I was wondering if someone could tell what Child Abuse Charity is good to give $ to?

I was thinking of all the kids that are abuse while I was bathing my 20 month daughter..And felt like I should do something.Thank you in advance for your help.

I don't know your social potion but one suggession from me is when you find someone you describe you can give the child some food and then so some extra like give shelter if you can give education that he need..

Society & Culture